GP on the MOVE

Good Practice on the Move – Anchoring New Technologies in Automotive VET

The increasing digitalisation of the working world and the introduction of new technologies, systems and processes lead to fundamental changes in operational work processes and thus also to increased requirements to the competences of the staff. Also, in the automotive sector the new technologies require skills that go well beyond traditional job descriptions.

This is where “Good Practice on the Move” comes in. The project objective is to illustrate
– exemplarily for the automotive sector –
how to address those new skills in VET and which methods are suitable for dealing with an increasingly digital technical world in vocational training.

In the last 5 years, numerous good practices have been developed – on adapting curricula, learning content, materials & media, but also on redesigning of professions and reducing the strict separation of vocational and higher education.

Some of these approaches being relevant for the automotive sector are now brought together. Partners from seven EU countries – VETinstitutions, universities and professional associations – present their good practices, examine their aptitude for the future and their usability for transfer and institutional anchoring in the various countries as well as make them accessible to a larger group of users throughout the EU.

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