Name: Pia Società San Gaetano
Type of organisation: VET Provider and private no profit organization; should have experience in work-based learning for students in compulsory school and for adults in retraining.
Mission: train workers for companies, reduce early school leaving and contribute to integration.
Pic number: 940828124
Address: Via Mora, 12 36100 Vicenza (Italy)
Phone number: +39 0444 933112
Fax number: +39 0444 933115
Official Website:
Project manager: dott. Mauro Marzegan
Legal Representative: Prof. Paolo Faccin

Pia Società San Gaetano is a VET training center with more than 700 students, which offers six different courses: Machine tool engineering, Welding Carpentry, Auto mechanics, Electrical working, hospitality and restaurant working and Graphic Design. Our students reach the third European level certification, and in some cases we offer one further year to acquire the fourth European level. We work in the field of adult education too, offering retraining courses to adult workers, training to migrants, work experiences and activities to obtain specialized licenses: these courses are mainly meant for adults with respect to hospitality and restaurant workers. In September 2016 we started a national experimentation of the dual system for machine tool engineers, Graphic designers and Hospitality and restaurant workers. We can count on the important partnership with “Siemens Italia”, “Italian Welding Institute” and associations of enterprises in our country.
We have been participating in European transnational education projects as partners, where we have been working for didactic innovation:
Learning e-mobility+ (p.n. 2014-1-DE02-KA202-001593): Learning together the technology of the future electromobility; cooperation among vocational schools, universities and companies takes a new approach (completed project).
Car2Lab (p.n. 2016-1-DE02-KA202-003358): Innovative VET-Learning model to convey digital competences in the automotive sector (work in progress).
GastroINKLUSIV (p.n. 2016-1-DE02-KA202-003266): New models for inclusive professional vocational training in VET schools for hospitality and restaurant workers (work in progress).

n°6 digital labs with various software: CADelett, PLC Siemens, CAD, Sicam, Solid Works. Specific apps for cars diagnostics and inspection, specific apps for graphic layout;
n°1 machine tools lab with numerical control (various types) lathes and 3D printer;
n°2 welding lab (various types of machines);
n°1 carpentry lab with numerical control bender, laser cut metal machine and metal sheet stamps;
n°1 automotive lab with diagnostic and inspection post;
n°2 graphic labs with CTP, industrial printers;
n°2 electric labs with PLC and measurement tools; 
n°2 restaurant labs with didactical kitchen;
n°1 bread and pastry labs;
n°2 labs for waiters;

Dott. Mauro Marzegan is Project Manager on European Projects (learning e-Mobility+, Car2Lab and GastroINKLUSIV) with international experience. He’s Project manager, teachers’ trainer and teacher in occupational and Dual system, as well as in lifelong training and learning; he is expert technician in information and communication technologies working; he has a Master in Theory and Methodology of E-learning and Media Education.
Dott. Alessandro Scaldaferro is Project Manager on European Projects (learning e-Mobility+ and Car2Lab) with international experience; he is teacher in occupational, Dual system as well as in lifelong training and learning; he is a quality manager in our organization and he has a Master too.
Prof.ssa Monica Bombardini is Project Manager on European Projects (GastroINKLUSIV) with international experience; she is teacher in occupational, Dual system as well as in lifelong training and learning.

In our learning center, there are internal professional figures like teachers’ trainers, operators of the labor market, psychologist and tutors; there are other external professionals and they do activities for the inclusion of students with learning difficulties, like for example: theatre therapy, clay and painting lab, music therapy, pet therapy and Italian language support courses.

The dual system was introduced in Veneto as an experimentation, with three-year courses and fourth year courses. The principal aims of this system are: to fight against early school leaving; to reduce youth unemployment; to strengthen the cooperation between vocational training schools and companies.

Businesses try to respond to certain needs, such as reducing youth unemployment, increasing motivation and professionalism, reacting to the economic crisis, as well as favoring a much stronger connection to VET providers. This leads to many challenges: in particular, they have to take an active role in training apprentice, as well as to manage a profitable cooperation with VET providers, in order to improve youth employment.

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